Love Thoughts Inspirational Wedding Favors
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31 Inspiring Thoughts Inviting Your Love to Grow
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Love Thoughts Inspring Wedding & Anniversary Favors

Welcome to our labor of love! We seek to find love where it exists and to invite it to be where it has yet to exist.

What are Love Thoughts
Love Thoughts are 31 inspiring thoughts printed on quality paper and packaged in a golden pouch. Love Thoughts come in two versions, with or without Scriptural references.

Love Thoughts make elegant and inspiring wedding and anniversary favors. They are the perfect complement for any occasion. Love Thoughts offer a uniquely thoughtful way to share your love.

Each Love Thought can be traced to its Scriptural root, and with each Love Thought we have included a link to that root.

Please share Love Thoughts and let us know what happens. Thank you for your interest!